Collecting Krugerrands: Know the story, understand the value

First minted in 1967, Krugerrands are the most popular 1oz gold bullion coin in the world. Over 60 million coins have been sold to date and are the most highly traded gold coin in the world.

As a hedge against the rand and as a store of value and wealth Krugerrands have no equal. This is particularly relevant for South Africans who have seen
the rand devalue by 95% since 1967.

One hundred and fifty million gold coins have been minted since then including the Canadian Maple Leaf in 1980 followed by the Austrian Philharmonic, the Chinese Panda, the Australian Nugget and the USA $50 coin.

Millions of these coins have changed hands many times over. We have traded billions of rands worth of coins by matching buyers and sellers.

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In 1967, the price of gold was $27.50 per oz. Gold has had its up and downs over the past 50 years reaching a high of $1 950 and is presently trading at over $1 300 /oz.

In contrast the rand has consistently depreciated form R1.30 to the dollar to 8c over the same period.

It is the 50 years of international marketing and worldwide trade that has made this coin one of South Africa’s most famous and valuable exports.

Gold coins have a market value of approximately $2.5 trillion, and this excludes gold bars.

It is relatively easy to buy and sell gold coins but prices fluctuate daily.

Krugerrands have become as part of modern culture as pop songs and have been rated as one of the top 300 brands in the world.

There are hundreds of coins from time immemorial to the modern collectable coins. They range from Queen Elizabeth’s Inauguration coins in 1952 to her
Golden Jubilee in 2002 to her Platinum wedding in 2017.

Proof Krugerrands have also been minted since 1967. Fifa Soccer coins will be minted for this year’s event in Russia. Both Summer and Winter Olympic Coins have been celebrated by the host countries’ mints. Nobel Peace Prize medallions have become one of the most enduring and unique Numismatic
programmes in history.

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