Every year department of health offers department of health learnership vacancies for talented applicants in order to equip them to know anything that they need to know before finally they enter the health care industry. It takes more than just qualification that you get from your tertiary institution to be part of the industry. The learnership from department of health with their structured training program that will enhance their learners chance for career opportunity. The department of health learnership vacancies programs are spread around each province in South Africa. It’s recommended that you apply only the learnership program that is available in your province. Another thing you have to know about the learnership program from department of health is that, the closing date. When it comes to this, the closing date is depending on where you are applying. Some provinces set the closing date on May, whilst some others will be on February.

What you’ve got back then at your tertiary institution, it is not enough. The industry needs not only people with great academic statement, but also work-based experience to acquire skill, thus you know how to function professionally. Department of health learnership vacancies is designed to assist talented youth of South African to get anything that they need to ease them to join health care sector. During certain period of time (mostly in 12 months) you will undergo duties and responsibilities so then you have deeper insight about the real work environment. But that is not that only as you will be supervised in the same time by those with experience and expertise. Due to the completion of the learnership you will obtain certificate that indicates you hold practical experience which is exactly needed.


That is why if you are very serious about achieving your future dream, you need to attend the learnership program designed by department of health. Pay attention toward the requirements to apply department of health learnership vacancies,

  • You must hold the qualification that is requested. Learnership from department of health usually offer learnership program for general nursing, psychiatry, midwifery, and community nursing.
  • You should be in appropriate age, most learnership program including department of health learnership vacancies will invite only those around 18 to 35 years old. Not to mention you have to be citizen of South Africans.
  • Applicants should be permanent resident of the province of the particular area where the learnership is announced, also they must be unemployed and provide Grade 12/matric certificate and valid identity document.
  • Skill in computer, and it adds them advantage if they are good or hold qualification in biology and life science. Not to mention they have to master English (read, speak, and write).
  • They have to demonstrate personal attributes such as, problem solving skill, organizatonal skill, leadership, compassionate, able to deal with under pressure environment, and many more.

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