From low paid retail sales assistant to successful forex trader

CAPE TOWN – Reabetswe Shongwe went from being a low paid sales assistant in the fashion retail industry to becoming a successful entrepreneur and forex trader.

Shongwe’s story may inspire many as her journey to becoming a successful forex trader and entrepreneur began with her quest for financial freedom.

Born in Botswana, Shongwe came from a modest middle-class family who was fortunate enough to be granted a comfortable life with her basic needs seen to.

Shongwe was raised in South Africa and pursued a job at a leading international fashion retail house, Michael Kors at the Mall of Africa in Midrand where she worked for 3 months as a sales assistant. It was during this time that she became exposed to trading of currencies and entrepreneurship.

She then decided to give up her retail job at the fashion powerhouse and this decision changed her fate. Shonge joined Women in Forex and Entrepreneurship (W.I.F.E) which is a division under wealth creation organisation, Trade4Africa.

“The turning point was when I realized that, I am helping build someone’s dream instead of my own, working overtime just so I can make more money. With the personality and skills I have, I believed that it was not meant for retail,” Shongwe says.

She says that since she left her retail job, she’s been able to focus on her goals

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“I had the freedom to focus on achieving all my goals, my biggest priority was to educate myself on how I can create financial freedom and also empower other women to do the same, to create a wealth generation cycle,” the trader said.

Shongwe says that W.I.F.E has taught her how to become financially independent. This also provided her the capital injection she needed to found her own business and long-term investments such as property.

In six months alone, Shongwe says she made over R176 562 in profits from forex trading.

Apart from W.I.F.E, Shongwe is involved in other business ventures in the fashion and media industry.

Shongwe has also done modeling and choreography independently for five years. She made a business out of this venture by founding her own agency, LoveRea which she has recently registered.

When asked what advice she would give other aspiring women who are seeking financial freedom, Shongwe said:

“My advice to women seeking financial freedom is to educate themselves about financial literacy because this is something we were not taught in school. Women should also not allow their circumstances to stop them from achieving their goals. It is very important to believe in yourself and never give up because you are never too young to build an empire and you are never too old to start a new dream”.

Meanwhile, Shongwe says that W.I.F.E currently hosts two different monthly W.I.F.E sessions, with the next session set to take place on April 28, 2018.

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