These days, there are a lot of jobs that are offered by large companies. If you are currently looking for a job but still unsure which company you should join, choosing SPOORNET learnership career can be a great choice. SPOORNET, or currently known as Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) is the biggest department of Transnet. It specialize in rail transport across South Africa. It used to be a part of South African Railways and Harbors Administration. The headquarter is located in Johannesburg, Parktown to be exact. Currently, this company has approximately 31,000 workforces that are spread across the country. The rail infrastructures represent around 80% of total rail infrastructures in Africa. This company maintains the rail network throughout South Africa that is connected to other networks in the region of sub-Sahara. Being active in other 17 countries, TFR is proud to be the leading company in term of technological development both within and beyond Africa. This company has cemented its position as a sustainable and profitable business of freight railway and support financial development within South Africa.

The main goals of TFR is to improve skills while creating and developing a culture that focus on customers’ satisfaction. Their objectives are to develop skills, enable economic growth, reduce transfer cost for any business, and facilitate the development of trade by elevating competitiveness within South Africa. The company’s development vision depends profoundly on the optimization of rail corridors to collaborate with its clients. This will lead to the achievement of market stake from road transporters while participating in whole logistics chain in the country.


As a passenger transport and freight logistics railway, Transnet Freight Rail covers several business, such as:

  • Luxrail: this business is operating Blue Train, a luxurious five-star accommodation on wheels. This business mainly focus on tourism area.
  • GFB (General Freight Business) commercial: this business is the biggest division of Transnet, handling more than 50% of Transnet’s freight.
  • Ore Export Line: this business is dedicated to the transport of iron ore on Sishen to Saldanha line.
  • Coal Line: this business serves coal exporters in Mpumalanga- Richard Bay line. This line is the world’s second biggest coal railway, delivering around sixty-two million tons coal by the ending year of March 31st, 2010.

TFR consists of six different business units. Those units are described below:

  • Steel and Cement Business Unit (SAC)
  • Agriculture and Bulk Liquids (ABL)
  • Mineral Mining and Chrome Business Unit (MMC) (Phalaborwa – Komatipoort and Witbank – Komatipoort Lines)
  • Coal Business Unit (Coal Line)
  • Iron One and Manganese Business Unit (Ore Export and Kimberley – Port Elizabeth Line)
  • Intermodal Container and Automotive Business Unit (CAB) (Johannesburg – Durban Line)

Other than the units described above, Transnet Freight Rail also has International Business unit. This unit is the interface between SADC, TFR, and Ports railways. It grows and coordinate the activities of TFR in the near states and find novel markets with the purpose to develop the operational footprint of the company.

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