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The 14 women selected to participate in the 2018/2019 Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILTSA) Candidacy Programme are making excellent strides towards completing their CILT International Certificate in Logistics and Transport, having reached the Programme’s half-way mark. Once completed, the Candidates will qualify for “Member” MILT status, a designation that is internationally recognised and portable around the globe.

“The grade of ‘MILT’ reflects Candidates’ proven expertise and experience in Logistics and Transport,” explains CILTSA President Elvin Harris CMILT. “The Candidacy Programme is very intense and practically oriented – we are excited about the contribution our Candidacy ladies will be able to make to the industry on completion of their studies.” We are grateful to be in partnership with the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA), who is funding the Programme. Their support to upskill women in the transport and logistics industry, and to prepare them for management roles in the industry is highly commendable. CILTSA, and our delivery partners Commerce Edge and Alto Training are proud to be associated with this very important initiative.

International Certificate in Logistics and Transport

The CILT Level 5: International Certificate in Logistics and Transport, certified by CILT International, is an excellent opportunity for companies to develop their staff and at the same time assist the companies with their skills development and employment equity targets on their BBBEE scorecard. Explains Harris: “The awarding of professional designations to employees will assist in enhancing employment equity levels of the employee from ‘Skilled technical and academically qualified workers’ to that of ‘Professionally qualified and experienced specialist’ level, thereby assisting companies with their Employment Equity Targets.”

The programme also provides for opportunities within the broader spectrum of the transport and logistics industry, accommodating sub-sectors such as warehousing and inventory, rail, freight forwarding, freight transport operations, passenger transport operations and general transport operations.

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