Bursaries and Internships In South Africa for 2020 Studies

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Bursaries and Internships for South African permanent 

citizens that are still open for your 2020 studies

Are you looking to further your studies but lack the funding to do so? Do you have a strong academic history, which you have maintained throughout the year? Whether you’re in your last year of school and thinking about joining University or College next year, or if you’re a current student who cannot afford to continue paying for your studies – if you have a good academic record, but your household income does not permit you to study, you may qualify to apply for a bursary or scholarship award.

Most organisations that offer bursaries, require that their bursars complete a work/ training programme on completion of their studies, in lieu of the bursary awarded – this is beneficial for both parties, as the student has guaranteed employment after completion of their studies and the chance to gain invaluable work experience.

imply scroll down to your faculty of study, select a bursary which best suits your needs and follow the instructions provided on how to apply. It should be noted that students can apply for as many bursaries as they qualify for.

Financial Sciences Studies Bursaries for 2020

  • Auditing Bursaries
  • Chartered Accounting Bursaries
  • Financial Accounting and Financial Management Bursaries

Arts Studies Bursaries for 2020

  • Dance Bursaries
  • Drama and Theatre Bursaries
  • Fashion and Textile Bursaries
  • Film and Motion Picture Bursaries
  • Fine Art and Visual Art Bursaries
  • Jewelry Design Bursaries
  • Music Studies Bursaries

Commercial Studies Bursaries for 2020

  • Business Studies Bursaries
  • Asset Management Studies Bursaries
  • Economics Studies Bursaries
  • Human Resources Studies Bursaries
  • Investment Studies Bursaries
  • Marketing Studies Bursaries
  • Risk Management Studies Bursaries
  • Sales and Retail Studies Bursaries
  • Transport Economics Studies Bursaries

Information Technology and Related Studies Bursaries

  • Computer Engineering and Computer Science Studies Bursaries
  • Graphic Design Bursaries
  • Informatics and Information Systems Bursaries
  • Software Engineering Studies Bursaries

Engineering Studies Bursaries

  • Civil Engineering Bursaries
  • Electrical Engineering Studies Bursaries
  • Industrial Engineering Studies Bursaries
  • Chemical Engineering

Education Studies Bursaries

Law Studies Bursaries

Medical Studies Bursaries

Nursing Bursaries

Psychology Studies Bursaries

Science Studies Bursaries

  • Agriculture Studies Bursaries
  • Animal Science Bursaries
  • Environmental Studies Bursaries
  • Geology Studies Bursaries
  • Microbiology Studies Bursaries
  • Zoology Studies Bursaries

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