Amazon is one of the biggest financial empires in the world. Their shares grew by 56% in 2017, more than Facebook, Netflix and Alphabet/Google. That’s an overall growth of 282% in the last three years. The profits from this e-commerce giant continue to grow, suggesting that its share price increase could potentially go on indefinitely. Just recently Amazon shares exceeded a value of 14.174 Rand.

Those who chose to invest in Amazon stock when a share was worth just 199 Rand now find themselves with an enormous figure in their current accounts: with multiple zeroes. Amazon’s progress certainly hasn’t faltered and the value of its shares continues to grow from one day to the next. This is why it’s not too late; trading in Amazon stock is still possible.

Is this really the best time to invest?

Yes. Think about it: Amazon has completely revolutionised the online shopping market and continues to do so. Continuous innovation and building strong customer loyalty form the basis of its business model: just look at the success it’s had from its Prime service and its checkout-free supermarket. Constantly launching new partnerships allows Amazon to be the market leader: it controls 70% of online shopping in the United States. Even the biggest US retail chains such as Walmart are forced to split the scraps of what remains of their market quota.

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Amazon’s progress is a fight against time, with every second that passes the company generates thousands of dollars in turnover. It is for these reasons that investors believe that the company continues to be so successful and therefore why now is a great time to invest in Amazon.

Good opportunities

Let’s see why.

On their first day on the stock exchange Amazon grown faster than others, closing the day with very promising revenues. An all-time record! At that moment, those who invested in Amazon made their fortune as a trader. It is clear that the Amazon race isn’t over yet, on the contrary, it would seems that the best is yet to come. Business editors on all the leading international daily newspaper are saying the same, their advice is very clear: this is the right time to invest in this market.

Our certified online trading platform is looking for people interested in learning how to make profit by trading in Amazon shares, and offers the following benefits:

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Getting started doesn’t require a large down payment. All you need is a small deposit (minimum 2.850 Rand), and the more Amazon grows in the stock exchange, so does your investment. And you can remove your money whenever you want.

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