How to sell R5 Mandela coins for R50 000 and more

Where to sell these old coins for over R20000
Where to sell old Coins
You have old South African coins & time has come to find out where to trade them for money, Here are ways to trade the coins, you have to select by your own comfort area,

1. Coin traders
Your coin traders are the best route to select if they are close to you. They (dealers) are a quick & easy method of selling the old_coins. One should expect good cash for the coins depending on the trading principles of that dealer.
Best select coin delears who have been buying for a long time , not new guys.
Best to be on good books with shop owner as he can also advise you on coin price trends. You can also google up the shops close to you to compare prices,
You might not have one close to you,
The value might not the market priced as everyone wants to make a profit.
Option 2. Pawn_Shops
Commonly these shops do exchange and cheap buys, so you would wonder why here?
These are actually popular coins buyers, sometimes some are not up to scratch with prices but they are commonly located all over South Africa.


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