Potential applicants who look for a NQF level 2 learnership opportunity, Murray Roberts learnership program is worth applying. Furthermore, if the qualification that you look for is related to safety, occupational health and environment. That said, if you consider this learnership as a good idea, you need to ensure that you can pass the least requirements that are requested , which include; possession of matric qualifications or something equivalent, strong communication skills either for written or verbal, flawlessly in speaking English, currently becomes unemployed graduate, and you are applicants that are registered under Murray and Roberts community. In addition, experience is not necessary when applying for this learnership program.


If you have all of the criteria above, shall you apply for the learnership online. For the application, be sure that you prepare any pivotal documents that are requested by your official. Qualified applicants should know that the deadline for Murray Roberts learnership opportunity only until March 17th. You need to know, for potential applicants that are considered successful to join the leanership program, you are obliged to follow any terms and conditions that are proposed by its official. Not to mention, but in the way to successfully win the position for the learnership, aside from the qualification, you better never abuse its deadline date, or your chance will be vanished.

For those of you who want to see this LEARNERSHIP, you can click website below

Apply Online for the Murray & Roberts Learnership Programme

Learnership opportunity like Murray Roberts learnership is a good chance for any qualified learners who yearn for more thorough knowledge for both practical and theoretical sides which they can’t achieve through their previous educational life. Within the learnership program, apart from theoretical things, just like the aforesaid, successful applicants will be offered as well with work-based experience that assist them to have better knowledge toward certain field of their liking, that will accommodate their chance to be presentable when they look for job opportunity once the learnership is completed

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